Chief Executive Officer

Belinda qualified as a Chartered Accountant through Deloittes in 1998. Her business experience includes working in Corporate Finance, Financial Control, Banking, Assurance, Strategy Consulting, Tax and Project Management. After completing her articles, Belinda worked in London for a number of years before returning to South Africa. She has a passion for health and wellbeing, and believes that people are the most valuable asset any organisation has. Belinda enjoys finding sustainable, new and innovative health and wellbeing solutions for organisations and delivering these with outstanding service excellence. She believes that measurement, tracking and reporting  back on these Investments is a critical success factor for any health and wellbeing programme.  She's driven to ensure WELL’s solutions remain at the forefront of the market and guarantee sustainable employee health and wellbeing. Belinda's a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountant's Health and Wellbeing Advisory Group. She also co-founded #SustainableSA, a project that provides an educational and interactive platform assisting South Africa to achieve the SDG's by 2030.


Sustainability Director

Maggie is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a strong business acumen having worked alongside chief executives, directors and top executives in strategic decision making, growing organisations and organisational management. Maggie has strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills with a proven track record in driving individuals, teams and strategic business units in meeting and exceeding organizational goals. Maggie’s experience includes working at Deloitte and the Auditor General of South Africa. She has also worked in senior and executive levels in public entities such as the Competition Commission, Department of Public Enterprises and Wholesale and Retail SETA having interactions with various governance structures including the Board, Board Committees and Audit and Risk Committees. Maggie is the chairperson of the Audit Committee of the Competition Tribunal and member of the Risk Committee. The organization has won awards for integrated reports since she has been chairperson. Maggie has worked extensively on sustainable goals reporting in South Africa and how Government can monitor progress in terms of the SDG AGENDA for 2030. Maggie has extensive experience in auditing, corporate financial accounting and reporting, finance information systems, business process management, strategy development and implementation, risk management, corporate governance, sustainable development reporting, performance management and evaluation and management consulting.


Head of People

M.Tech.Chiropractic, M.Sc.Med., MBA

Zano is an experienced healthcare manager with over 15 years’ experience. He has worked at several academic institutions and also has degrees in business management, pharmacology and organisational behaviour. He has successfully integrated business leadership with clinical practice bringing insights from his MBA into healthcare. He is a skilled people manager and able to coach and manage teams and individuals effectively. Zano is an excellent networker and highly skilled at developing stakeholder relationships and selling change initiatives. He's passionate about helping people achieve their health and life goals.

Zano has much experience in organisational effectiveness, particularly within the healthcare and education fields. He's able to successfully align resources and people with the overall strategic and business goals of an organisation.

Zano returned to South Africa after spending seven years in the UK and Europe. He's very familiar with international, especially the UK, customs and norms. He's very knowledgeable on healthcare and the health funding sector. Zano is familiar with various legal frameworks, compliance issues and has been involved in various bodies and committees in the healthcare sphere. He has a global view on business. Zano has his own Chiropractic practice, Flow Wellness (http://www.flow-wellness.co.za).


Organisational Psychologist

MBPsS, ACIB, MSc(Org.Psych), MA(Org.Ethics) MA(Phil.Mind), BSc(Hons), GDPsych.

Austin is an Organisational Psychologist primarily concerned with mental wellbeing in the workplace and the relationship between individual’s energy, performance and life-balance. He has developed and delivered mental health awareness, wellbeing, resilience building and leadership development programmes to a diverse range of clients and organisations, including professional firms, banking institutions and companies in the technology, media, utilities and energy sectors.  He works independently and in association with a number of enterprises including The Mitchell Practice (http://www.mitchellpractice.co.uk), a London firm of specialist psychologists, and is the lead psychologist at Feel Good Co (http://www.feelgoodco.com) involved in developing and providing wellbeing programmes to global organisations. Austin is a guest lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, Kings College London.  


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