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Influencing Bottom Line Impacts of Wellbeing Investments

Why are people unenthusiastic about employee wellbeing programmes? What lead to this? Why bother to improve them? These are three key questions to ask when deciding whether to invest in evolving employee wellbeing programmes. Research provides some pretty informative answers. I hope these help you when considering your investments into wellbeing programmes and their related financial returns. 1. Why are people unenthusiastic about employee wellbeing programmes? The benefits are not formally measured in the Financial Statements, therefore there’s no auditable link to company share price and valuation. As a result, there’s no structured standard monthly reporting to the Board on the financial

Organisations of the Future: Human Flourishing

Eudaimonia is a Greek word meaning “human flourishing’ – a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. Now isn’t this where we all want to be? To me, being human is the greatest gift because we are able to do so much, create so much, feel so much. We can experience friendship, love, kindness, concern, compassion, support and joy. Then, on our darker days, feel self-doubt, pain, fear, despair, hatred and sadness. Our capabilities are so vast. We are so beautifully and intricately made. In traditional Japanese aesthetics wabi-sabi (and no that’s not wasabi!), wabi-sabi means the “discovery of beauty in imperfection, the acceptance of both life and death.” It is a beauty that is imp

Organisations of the Future: Should Wellbeing also become a ‘Workers Right’?

Mayday or ‘Workers Day’ has been unofficially celebrated in South Africa since the 1800s. It only became officially recognised as a public holiday after our democratic elections of 1994. Internationally, Workers Day has been officially recognised as a public holiday in many countries since 1891. Workers Day is important as it pays homage to the working class. The rise of industry throughout the 1800s brought with it a great deal of exploitation and abuse of labour forces around the world, triggering a decades-long battle for improved working conditions, new labour laws and other steps towards social justice. In 1886 ‘The Haymarket Affair’ became a landmark moment in the quest for an eight-ho


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